Friday, December 10, 2010


Day 10:  The Christmas Moment in the Lost Mine 

The world was watching as that Chilean rescuer was lowered into the mine where 33 miners were trapped. As that capsule touched down in the the rescuer stepped out...and when the first miner emerged alive.

You know, in so many ways, it was a Christmas moment. The miners were trapped in a deadly place they could not possibly escape from. Just like us - separated from God because of our sin, facing an awful eternity without Him. The miners' only hope was a rescuer from above. Just like you and me. We can no more get to heaven by being good than those miners could dig their way out. One hope - a rescuer from above.

Well, Christmas is when the Rescuer from heaven touched down in our dark world. In the mine, at the Cross, the rescuer traded places with those who needed to be saved. For Jesus, that meant dying to pay for our sin. And the rescue happens when we step into that way out - by putting all our trust in Him to be our Rescuer from our sin.

For you, the rescue can be today. Call us at 888-Need-Him or chat with us live at The Rescuer has come for you.

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