Friday, March 13, 2015


"If we are living now by the Holy Spirit's power, let
us follow the Holy Spirit's leading in every part of
our lives.  Then we won't need to look for honors
and popularity, which lead to jealousy and hard
feelings." -- (Galatians 5:25-26 TLB)

Though my heart is usually full of gratitude for the many blessings in my life, there are times when something happens that triggers old painful childhood memories of feeling overlooked, left out, insignificant, less than.  That moment when I discover someone else did something that topped what I did; or got picked to do something I'd hoped to get picked for; or managed to achieve the success and recognition I'd longed for.  Before I know it, I've lost my focus and allowed the green eyed monster to steal my joy.

Is it any surprise then that the above verse, which I've read many times before without a second thought, should suddenly become very personal and meaningful.  Ouch!

Its gentle admonition reminds me that we are all Divine originals, created by God for a special purpose no one else can fulfill.  So let them be them, and me be me, and stop making comparisons.  Kudos may be nice, but nothing but Jesus can fill the longing in a soul. 

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